Fan spots clever ‘The Suicide Squad’ reference in Peacemaker

Image via HBO

After just a few episodes, HBO Max’s new series, Peacemaker, has become an instant hit with fans. The series follows John Cena’s character, Christopher Smith/Peacemaker, and the events after The Suicide Squad, following his next moves with a stealthy project.

An eagle-eyed fan noted a callback in a recent episode of Peacemaker, and it hit us all right in the feels.

The Suicide Squad saw Peacemaker suffer injuries that were almost certainly life-ending, but the post-credits scene confirmed that he’d managed to survive. Peacemaker’s character is unlike your typical “hero,” but that’s why he’s made such a splash. Peacemaker wants peace, no matter what, and often the things he does to achieve that peace are anything but peaceful.

In fact, a significant moment in The Suicide Squad and a beloved character’s death highlights just that. Peacemaker killed Rick Flag in the movie, and in his final breath, he muttered words that have stuck with Peacemaker in his new series.

“Peacemaker, what a joke.”

Fans are looking out for more callbacks in the series, and we’re wondering what continued impact Rick Flag’s death will have on Peacemaker. We’ll be tuning in to find out. The first four episodes of Peacemaker are available on HBO Max now.