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Fans can’t get over ‘Moon Knight’ episode 5’s shocking ending

The internet just can't cope with the extremely depressing ending of this week's episode of 'Moon Knight'.

Moon Knight
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This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 5 throughout

Episode five of Moon Knight gave us a tour of Marc Spector’s extremely depressing past. This showed us the roots of his dissociative identity disorder, which was formed after his mother blamed him for the death of his younger brother, Randall.

To survive her abuse, he created mild-mannered Steven Grant as a shield. He’s been our viewpoint for much of Moon Knight, with the internet falling in love with the timid, awkward, yet firmly moral and intelligent Grant. But now it seems like his number may be up. The final moments of the episode see him plunging from Taweret’s boat into the sands of oblivion, where he’s frozen into a sandy statue.

Social media is not taking this well:

It’s always the innocent ones.

The first stage of grief.

A long road to recovery.

Probably won’t be the last request from fans for Marvel to foot their bills.


It remains to be seen exactly what an alternate personality suffering this fate will be. This could very well be the heroic end of everyone’s favorite gift shop employee, especially as there have been multiple teases of the Jake Lockley personality appearing at some point.

But it’s unlikely this is the end of the road for Steven Grant. After all, if Marc Spector created him once he can do it again, particularly as he seems to be a manifestation of all that’s good in him.

But, for now, all we can do is face a very uncertain week. The Moon Knight finale will air next Wednesday on Disney Plus. Let’s hope and pray Steven Grant makes a comeback.

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