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Fans debate if ‘The Punisher’ is too violent for Disney

Does the family-friendly streaming platform have space for the violent Punisher?

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Disney Plus has recently announced that they are going ahead with the fourth season of Daredevil after acquiring the rights to the Netflix Marvel shows which include Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher. Now Marvel fans are wondering if any of these other series will continue, with some questioning whether Disney would change the dark tone these series are known for in a bid to revive them.

These above-mentioned Netflix Marvel shows were admittedly less family-friendly than their MCU counterparts, as they were definitively more violent and graphic than the cinematic offerings. Despite their superhero nature, they felt more grounded in the gritty reality of life, with the shades of right and wrong less black and white. The heroes’ lives were also darker, tackling sexual abuse, alcoholism, and violent pasts. Yep, they were nothing like the squeaky clean Captain America endeavours.

The Punisher is undoubtedly the most violent Marvel show ever and, with Daredevil granted another season, many took to Twitter to call for the return of Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of the former Force Recon Marine, Frank Castle, aka The Punisher.

But the response on Twitter was less than positive to the idea, with many sharing their doubts. Many fans are unsure if Disney would be able to do justice to the former recon marine turned vigilante’s story and are wary that a revived Punisher would be far too tame as the House of Mouse would try to make it too family-friendly.

They joked that Castle’s “punishments” may be reduced in severity.

Others are clueless as to how a production house like Disney/Marvel Studios would even begin to even approach the show’s more violent themes.

This of course led to some joking that Disney would bring a kid-friendly writer on board to create its much-dreaded version of The Punisher.

Some believe that if Disney ever do decide to tackle the show, they should ditch their reservations about its dark plot.

Though fans miss the shows like Daredevil, The Punisher, etc., and would desperately like to see the stories of its characters continue, they would rather find peace in the fact that they ended on a high note instead of their legacy being tarnished by Disney’s experiments.

Only time will tell if Disney is brave enough to tackle the darker side of the MCU. But no matter what happens, the original shows, titled the Defenders Saga, are still available to stream on Disney Plus.

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