Fans debate whether ‘Moon Knight’ would be better if it was made by Netflix

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney

Marvel fans have been lapping up Moon Knight over the past five weeks, with the Oscar Isaac vehicle being praised for delivering perhaps the trippiest MCU show to date. Not to mention the fact that has been giving us a surprisingly nuanced depiction of mental health issues and a fascinating exploration of Egyptian mythology. And yet certain fans can’t help but wonder: does a better version of Moon Knight exist out there in the multiverse?

Moon Knight is known as one of the more mature and darker-edged of Marvel’s heroes in the comics so it was a surprise when we first found out that he was headed to Disney Plus. During the era of the Defenders on Netflix, fans had been clamouring for Marc Spector to get his own show as part of the Daredevil-verse as he seemed like such a perfect fit for that franchise.

Obviously, the Defenders Saga is now defunct, but a tweet from @punishersmicro got Twitter talking as the OP lamented the fact that Moon Knight isn’t made by Netflix.

As you would expect, this tweet incited a heated debate, with both sides having strong opinions. For starters, some were quick to defend Disney Plus, claiming that a Netflix Moon Knight would strip out much of what makes the show great.

Alternatively, Netflix loyalists suggested that a little more realism would’ve worked in the series’ favor.

The main argument from the pro-Netflix group was just to imagine how good Moon Knight could be if it was given the same treatment and underwent a similar creation process as Daredevil.

At the very least, if it was a Netflix production, we would be getting a lot more episodes.

It would definitely have a smaller budget, though.

And we’d have to say goodbye to, say, Tawaret the talking hippo goddess.

Hot take: Were most of the Netflix/Marvel shows even that good?

On the other hand, others are more on the fence and can see how both versions would have their strengths.

Others are just happy we’ve got a Moon Knight TV series at all.

While there might be a universe out there that’s home to a Netflix Moon Knight, here in this one the Disney Plus series concludes next Wednesday.