Morty’s Never Been So Heartbroken After Latest Rick And Morty Episode

Rick and Morty

Morty is kind of a tragic figure at the heart of Rick and Morty. The show almost revels in bringing Morty close to somehow finding love and fulfillment amidst a cold and loveless universe, only to snatch it all away from just at the last second. Last night, it happened again, and fans are feeling for the titular sidekick.

In the show’s latest episode, “A Rickconventient Mort, Morty is left heartbroken after finding love in the form of Planetina, an environmental hero spoof of the ‘90s character Captain Planet.

Without getting too far into spoiler territory, let’s just say things don’t go so well for Morty and that has left fans feeling for the guy as he deals with the aftermath of love gone wrong.


Alongside Morty’s pathos, the episode features a cameo from Community alumni Alison Brie as the voice of Planetina.

This season in particular, Morty can’t catch a break. In an earlier episode, former love interest, Jessica, was abducted by a futuristic race of robot creatures who instill in her the wisdom of the universe. After gaining this god-like intelligence, Jessica leaves and doesn’t look set to return to Morty anytime soon.

If you’re curious how Morty’s latest, be it his most intense, breakup goes down season five episode three is available to stream on your usual Rick and Morty streaming service. Will Morty ever find love again?