Fans Make Incredible Art For Stranger Things Day

It’s no secret that Stranger Things has a huge fanbase, and with today being Stranger Things Day many of these fans showed off their talent in different ways. Some of which were artistic projects that are too good to believe they weren’t done by professionals.

Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and more hold goldmines of Stranger Things fan art done by dedicated fans of the series. The long wait for season four is almost over, but to tide us over we have some amazing artwork from these talented fans!

From Reddit we see creations by ThisIsFunArt and LordFarquaad08.

ThisIsFunArt created an animated version of one of the Stranger Things posters, giving it a different vibe than fans are used to seeing.

From LordFarquaad08, comes what looks to be a paper mache version of everyone’s favorite super-powered teen, Eleven.

On Twitter there was even more beautiful artwork. Betweejn drawings and digital artwork, Twitter had plenty of fan work to ooh and ah over.

A beautiful illustration of Will and the Demogorgon in front of Christmas lights was done by fangirl_doodles. It accurately depicts the fear of Will from all seasons as he faces the monster and the Upside Down!

Another Twitter find comes from dangochiara who did a lovely watercolor painting of Max, played by Sadie Sink.

Instagram may have had the true victory though. Since it is a picture site, many artists choose the platform to showcase their work, including fans of Stranger Things.

Artist Chelsea Lowe created an incredible collage of some of Season Three’s most memorable scenes with Eleven and Hopper. It shows Eleven using her powers as well as the highly emotional scene of the two in the cage, there’s lots of little details in this piece.

Ending the gallery with Dad Steve just seems right. After all of his character development seeing him holding bats like they’re his babies is something everyone has to see!

There’s still time left in Stranger Things day to post your own art or interpretations of your love for the series, so post while you can! Let us know in the comments what your favorite fanart you’ve seen is!