DC Fans Campaign For Matt Ryan To Play HBO Max’s Constantine


As of yet, there’s been no official confirmation that the casting search is underway for J.J. Abrams’ Constantine series for HBO Max despite the myriad of reports making the rounds, but fans have already decided that they want Matt Ryan to reprise the role.

Of course, whether or not the occult investigator ends up with his own show doesn’t even really matter when the character is expected to play a major part in Abrams’ Justice League Dark, so the streaming service is going to need someone to don the trenchcoat regardless. After all, it’s not like the longtime small screen Constantine will be under consideration for Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman, with Neil Gaiman already explaining why he recast Lucifer with Game of Thrones and Star Wars actress Gwendoline Christie instead of having Tom Ellis play the Devil.

In the eyes of many fans, though, Ryan has gone on to become the definitive Constantine, which is an impressive achievement when the comic book hero was first brought into live-action by the universally beloved Keanu Reeves. Despite NBC’s show being canceled after just one season, the 39 year-old Welshman became an integral recurring figure in the Arrowverse, and has even voiced the character in several animated movies.

Needless to say, supporters would much rather see him back on their screens than the young Riz Ahmed type that’s been mentioned, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

Ryan clearly has a deep affinity for Constantine and would jump at the chance to play the role again if the opportunity arose, but that’s completely out of his hands now and will be the decision of the creative team behind the HBO Max projects.