Fans react to the insane opening scene in ‘Moon Knight’

This article contains spoilers for first episode of Moon Knight

Moon Knight just landed with a bang — or perhaps a squish — on Disney Plus. Oscar Isaac’s MCU debut is unlike anything previously seen in the MCU as it starts off in an incredibly disturbing manner.

The episode commences to the tune of Bob Dylan’s 1981 song Every Grain of Sand as we see a mysterious figure shattering a glass tumbler, gathering up the broken pieces, pouring them into his shoes, and standing up. As the man stands there’s an excruciating sound of broken glass digging into the soles of his feet.

This isn’t what audiences expect from the MCU and the first reactions on Twitter reflect that shock and surprise:

One user is overwhelmed by the very idea of the character wearing the shoes;

@btshyunglinhoe is “on your ass” with a classic gif:

Some are wishing that the episode came with a trigger warning:

Some averted their eyes at the crunch of the glass in the shoes, while a few couldn’t help but compared the person to the invincible Luke Cage:

@ready2rizqitall is grossed out by the scene but loves the Dylan song:

Another user is sure that the scene is a sign that the character in question is “unhinged:”

Moon Knight continues to carve out this very weird niche for itself, though fortunately there’s also a lot of fun comedy from Oscar Isaac as he juggles being mild-mannered gift shop employee Steven Grant and hard-bitten American mercenary Marc Spector.

But, even with the divine justice of Khonshu on his side, this opening means Grant/Spector has a difficult job on his hands bringing down Ethan Hawke’s Dr. Arthur Harrow. We have no idea how Moon Knight is going to end, but if it continues this trajectory then we’re surely in for a real treat.

Moon Knight airs on Disney Plus every Wednesday.