Fans react to the season 4 finale of Yellowstone

Spoilers follow for the season four finale of Yellowstone.

The season four finale of Yellowstone has aired, and fans are cautiously optimistic with the note the season ended on. While fans usually wait on bated breath for months after a finale to find out the fate of a favorite character or wipe away tears and vow to seek revenge on anyone who has wrecked a beloved storyline — things were tamer Sunday night.

Could it be that we’re existing in the calm before the storm?

Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone creator and EP, knows where the series is heading and where it will eventually end — but fans aren’t as keyed in on what’s coming next. The exciting part for viewers is building theories, placing bets on what storylines come to fruition and which romances are endgame, and of course — who lives or dies.

The living and dying of last night was a success as most fans are concerned, as was the “shock” of the finale that none of us saw coming. Beth and Rip are officially married, and the ceremony couldn’t have been more fitting for the pair.

As for who met their ultimate fate at the end of the episode? Jamie’s biological dad, Garrett Randall, but not in the way you might have expected. You see, Beth made a promise to her father, John Dutton, and she stayed true to that promise. So what exactly did she pledge to her dad?

She vowed to end anyone who hurt him, as John Dutton narrowly survived his ambush at the wrap of season three; she had work to do.

Beth spent the episode getting things in order if she was put in jail or paid the ultimate price herself on her mission to exact revenge. If you look back at season four in its entirety, she spent a lot of the season preparing to take on those responsible for the pain and suffering thrust onto her family at the end of season three.

In the end, Beth did find out who was responsible, but instead of killing him herself, she made Jamie do the dirty work. As he shared a moment with his biological dad, confessions of love flowing freely and important sentiments being shared, Jamie was preparing to shoot him.

Not only did that make him face what had happened, but it also put Jamie in a position where he couldn’t hurt the Dutton family any longer — and Beth still got her happily ever after. So how did fans react to the wild moments of the season four send-off?

Let’s take a look.

Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy were excited to watch it all go down!

Kevin Costner, Mr. John Dutton himself, hoped fans were ready for the big finale.

After the episode, several fans are changing up their life aspirations — they want to be Beth Dutton.

Everyone, as usual, fawned over the romance between Rip and Beth.

Not everything was happy, though, and fans are heartbroken for Kayce. He’d been on a spiritual quest, and it was heartbreaking to watch. Fans are worried about what next season will bring.

We’re not sure what the end of them looks like or what that means, but fans aren’t going to see Kayce go anywhere without a fight.

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