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Fans really want this rumored ‘What If…?’ synopsis leak to be true

WandaVision meets The Phantom of the Opera? Sign us up!

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It’s been close to a year since Marvel Studios first graced us with the MCU’s foray into animation with What If…?, an anthology series that explores a variety of different premises by way of the multiverse. Through the series, fans got to see Peggy Carter become the world’s first super-soldier, Killmonger rescue Tony Stark from the Ten Rings, and what might happen if a zombie apocalypse ravaged the world of Marvel’s champions.

The next collection of episodes is set to hit Disney Plus later this year, and a leak on Reddit may have foreshadowed the plots of four of the episodes, and many are crossing their fingers for the leak’s legitimacy.

Redditor Kaliara, in a post in r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers, outlined episodes one, two, four, and seven, while also stating to not expect a multiversal team-up like the one we were treated to in the finale of the previous season.

Episode one is said to pitch the premise of Iron Man being the one to travel to Sakaar, an artificial planet that served as the main setting in Thor: Ragnarok. The planet, site of gladiatorial fighting competitions, could see Iron Man participating in such competitions and possibly meeting with Bruce Banner as Thor did in the film.

The second episode is alleged to be a follow-up to episode one of the first season and will pit Captain Carter against the Winter Soldier.

Episode four, according to Kaliara, will explore a universe where the Soviets built the ARC Reactor instead of Tony Stark. The episode is said to feature Anton Vanko and his Crimson Dynamo armor, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, and Nick Fury, and a debut What If…? appearance from the Red Guardian, who first appeared in 2021’s Black Widow.

And episode seven, which fans rightly seem to be the most excited for, is said to put forth the question of what Wanda Maximoff would have done if she watched musicals as a child instead of sitcoms. This could lead to some particularly whimsical shenanigans, with echoes of Les Misérables and Cats possibly decorating Westview this time around.

Fans may not want to hold their breath, though; the post states that there will be eight episodes released, while it was previously confirmed that the second season would give us nine, thus throwing the legitimacy of this leak into question. Nevertheless, dreaming of Wanda’s Westview musical is a gift in its own right, and perhaps the right creative mind can take the premise and run with it should it not make it to Disney Plus.

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