Fans Remember How The Electric Company “Started The MCU” On Its 50th Anniversary

Originally airing all the way back in 1971, The Electric Company isn’t a show many younger viewers may remember these days. Sure, it got a reboot of sorts in 2009, but the original’s over-the-top characters and psychedelic graphics defined children’s television for over 780 episodes back in its heyday.

The original cast included huge names today like Morgan Freedman and the now-infamous Bill Cosby alongside everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! No seriously, Spider-Man was a major part of the show!

During the show’s fourth season, former Sesame Street puppeteer Danny Seagren took on the role of playing Spider-Man in the live-action “Spidey Super Stories” that would tie into special comics Marvel produced at the time. Now, during the show’s 50th anniversary, many are remembering how The Electric Company brought together Marvel characters into “the MCU” for the first time.

And of course, it’s hard to forget Morgan Freedman in general because wow does he look groovy back in the day!

Seriously, The Electric Company was responsible for vinyl records, comics, and more all showing off stories that were at one point a canonical part of the Spider-Man saga. So who wants to see Danny make a comeback in an upcoming multiverse film? We know we want to!