Farren Blackburn Will Direct An Episode Of Daredevil


Of the shows that Marvel and Netflix are collaborating on, there’s none that I’m more excited for than Daredevil. Despite Drew Goddard being replaced as showrunner, this project still has plenty going for it. Daredevil is a very interesting character, and they’ve found an excellent cast to bring his story to the small screen. While we’re still very much in the dark as to which direction the series is heading in, I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

Today, we have more promising news coming our way, as Farren Blackburn has confirmed that he’ll helm an episode of the show. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blackburn’s work, he’s best known for directing a couple episodes of Doctor Who  (The Rings of Akhaten” and “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”) and the final two episodes of season three of Luther. Those Luther episodes especially speak to his competence, as they provided an excellent cap to the show and were major fan favorites.

Blackburn confirmed the gig with a Tweet, but it appears he has since deleted it. Fortunately, the folks over at Bleeding Cool captured his text before it was pulled.

Enjoying The Interceptor edit but so excited to reveal I will be directing an episode of Daredevil next for Marvel in New York!!

— Farren Blackburn (@FarrenBlackburn) June 20, 2014

While it’s obviously more important what showrunner Steven S. DeKnight cooks up for the story and style, Blackburn has been known to do very well with urban settings, which is likely where much of Matt Murdock’s tale will take place. Given his previous work, I’m quite interested to see what Blackburn can do with the character.

With a 2015 release planned, there will likely be several other directors announced for Daredevil in the near future. As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more, so be sure to stay tuned.