A Dark Knight Comes To Gotham In New Season 4 Promo


The latest promo for Gotham‘s upcoming fourth season is here. Building on the exciting teases we’ve already seen, this one features Bruce Wayne dipping his toes into vigilantism for the first time in addition to checking in on the various criminals operating around town, and giving us a glimpse of a new villain who’s set to strike fear into the hearts of the Gotham’s citizens.

The video begins with a reminder about what happened at the end of season 3, with Poison Ivy unveiling the Riddler trapped in a block of ice of Mr Freeze’s making. In the absence of his spurned crush, the Penguin has risen to the top of Gotham’s underworld. Throughout the trailer, we also get glimpses of other familiar foes like Barbara Kean, Ra’s al Ghul and some guy who looks a lot like the Joker.

However, a new scourge of the city’s criminal population is about to appear. And it looks like it’s that young billionaire Bruce Wayne in disguise. As with many modern adaptations of the character, it seems Alfred won’t be too pleased with Master Bruce risking his life on the streets of Gotham every night, but it looks like Bruce has already made his mind up. “I can make a difference in Gotham,” he tells his butler. Oh, Bruce, you have no idea…

Finally, after an appearance earlier in the show’s run, Jonathan Crane will be suiting up as the Scarecrow in season 4, and it’s clear his reign of terror will hit Gotham pretty hard. It’s early days, but it looks like the show might have a very effective adaptation of the character on its hands, and has avoided the goofier elements that have brought down a few of its other takes on Batman’s rogues gallery.

All in all, season 4 is shaping up to be the best outing of Gotham yet. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype when it arrives on Fox on Thursday, September 21st.

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