Fear/The Walking Dead Crossover In Season 9 Is A Possibility


For years, The Walking Dead and its spinoff Fear The Walking Dead were kept separate, until the season 4 premiere of the latter show finally crossed over with its parent in a major way. Alongside cameos from Rick Grimes and Carol, Lennie James’ Morgan Jones moved over to Fear to join the cast as a new regular.

This has opened the door for more crossovers in subsequent seasons and seeing as TWD characters showed up on Fear last time, could Fear characters appear in the upcoming ninth season of TWD to return the favor? This was the burning question one fan put forward in this week’s official Walking Dead mailbag. The reply? Skybound’s Johnny O’Dell revealed that it’s “possible,” saying:

It’s not impossible. After all, Morgan’s mission in the back half of Season 4 has been to travel back to Alexandria by any means necessary. As we’ve mentioned he’s already found himself in Mississippi, but at the end of last week’s episode he decided to reverse course back to Texas to find his friends before going back to Virginia. We’ll have to wait and see if he actually returns, but since he has openly discussed it – it is possible.”

Of course, a potential second crossover would have one big obstacle to overcome: season 9’s time jump. Previously, Fear was something of a prequel to TWD as it was set a few years prior. However, a time jump going into season 4 sorted this out, allowing the Morgan transfer to take place. But now TWD‘s the one causing the problems, as the new run will zoom forward a handful of years after the war with the Saviors.

Clearly, though, The Walking Dead team are keen to fan the flames of another crossover as the reply above encourages the idea that there could be one on the horizon. It would certainly be a good idea from a marketing standpoint, as the last one went down pretty well. In terms of storytelling, though, a few hoops would have to be jumped through in order to make it work.

The Walking Dead season 9 is set to premiere on ABC on Sunday, October 7th, and if and when we hear more about a potential crossover, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Skybound