Fear The Walking Dead Adds Dougray Scott In Season Two


Actor Dougray Scott is set to join the increasingly troubling world of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead in the show’s sophomore year. Scott, who most recently appeared in the Netflix series Hemlock Grove, will join Kim Dickens and a handful of other returning actors from last year’s first season, although the specifics of his role have yet to be divulged.

One possibility for the actor’s role in The Walking Dead spinoff series is a man named Casey, which previous casting breakdowns described as “a decent man who believes in civility,” who doesn’t have problems in taking authority even when he wasn’t expecting it (sounds like a particular unlucky sheriff we know). How he fits into the mixed family we followed in Fear The Walking Dead‘s first season is another mystery for the second season.

Last year, the prequel series detailed the onset of the zombie apocalypse that characters in The Walking Dead deal with in each episode. In 2016, Fear The Walking Dead will increase from 6 episodes to a 15-episode season and is set to premiere on Sunday, April 10. Unfortunately for fans ravenous for all 15 episodes, AMC plans to divide up the season into two parts, the last half of which will air vaguely sometime “later in 2016.”

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Source: TVLine

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