Madison Encounters An Old Ally In New Clip For Fear The Walking Dead

Season 3B of Fear The Walking Dead is now upon us, and it’s fair to say that the AMC companion series has come on in leaps and bounds since its somewhat forgettable second season.

That improvement, according to Colman Domingo (Victor Strand), can largely be attributed to the fact that FTWD is beginning to unfold in the same lawless, unforgiving cauldron made famous by The Walking Dead – on television, at least – and above you’ll find a brief new clip pulled from season 3, episode 11, “La Serpiente.” Pegged for a premiere on Sunday, September 17th, this tense promo comes to us by way of and in it, you’ll see Maidson Clark reunite with an old ally. Spoilers: it’s Daniel Salazar.

The official logline for this week’s “La Serpiente” hints at Clark and Salazar rekindling that friendship, too, who will seemingly launch “a mission to replenish the Ranch’s water supply by seeking the help of another community.”

Elsewhere, and while discussing the show’s trajectory thus far, Colman Domingo heaped praise on series showrunner Dave Erickson for allowing Fear‘s slower pace to build organically.

“I credit [showrunner] Dave Erickson and his writing team. I credit AMC for having the patience for our show to unfold at a slower pace actually than [The Walking Dead]. I think that he’s such a dynamic showrunner and writer and I think if you think Season Three already has been pretty awesome, the back half of the season is pretty epic. Things happen. We were all so exhausted throughout the entire shoot. We realized we’re no longer making television. We’re making epic film after epic film, you know.”

Fear The Walking Dead shuffles back onto the small screen on September 10th at 9 pm and it’s expected to stretch through into the latter stages of October, at which point AMC will switch gears to welcome the eighth season of The Walking Dead – and with it, that historic 100th episode.