The Clark Family Face New Threats In Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Photos


AMC’s two-pronged zombie drama is about to collide in spectacular fashion.

In laying the foundations for unmissable television, the Powers That Be have decided to draft Morgan Jones (Lennie James) into the sun-kissed world of Fear The Walking Dead, the AMC companion piece that has been operating under the shadow of the network’s flagship Walking Dead series for nigh on three years.

But with season 4 fast approaching, TV Insider has shared a fresh gallery of stills designed to take us closer to the action, all the while hinting at some of the threats that the Clark family is about to face on April 15th…and beyond. Bear in mind that some of these action shots have been posted online before – this is simply the updated collection that ditches all the individual watermarks.

By the looks of things, most, if not all of the Clark family managed to survive the dam explosion that occurred during Fear The Walking Dead‘s season 3 finale. And when it comes to Morgan Jones, chances are FTWD will take one of the story strands left over from The Walking Dead season 8 and run with it.

Said Lennie James:

The things that the writers are doing with Morgan and the way that they’re navigating, it’s not really a spoiler alert, but the way that Morgan transitions through the crossover is really, really interesting. The springboard that goes from The Walking Dead to Fear is a real… He goes with some kind of trajectory. It is a full, well-thought out journey that Morgan goes on. A lot of it is tied to his relationship with Rick. A lot of it is tied to his relationship to this group of people that he feels conflicted about caring for and wanting to protect.

Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead begins its rollout on Sunday, April 15th, by which point AMC’s All-Out War saga will be nearing its conclusion. Look for The Walking Dead to continue with the premiere of “Dead or Alive Or” this weekend.

Source: TV Insider