‘Fear the Walking Dead’ star wants to get into the spinoff business

colman domingo fear the walking dead

Could a solo series be in the works for “the James Bond of the zombie apocalypse”?

Victor Strand, the main villain and fan favorite of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, could soon be the star of his own show if Colman Domingo gets his way. Strand has been a series regular since The Walking Dead’s spinoff series first aired in 2015, and with the second half of season 7 set to kick off in April, fans will see the character become the ultimate version of himself. 

Despite the flagship ending this year, The Walking Dead universe shows no signs of slowing down, with Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond being joined by the in-development Isle of the Dead, along with webseries Dead in the Water.

As the final season winds down, PopCulture caught up with Domingo, where the actor and producer admitted that he’d love to star in his own solo adventure.

“What I loved about Victor, he’s like a cat with nine lives. He keeps evolving. Every season we’ve made decisions on how unique he is, how different he is, what is his new operating systems. And they keep evolving. So I think he’s an ever-evolving character. And I do think that it’ll be interesting to see him in his own spinoff called Strand. Why not?

I really love playing Victor Strand for seven seasons, And I think that he has just gone down the rabbit’s hole of truly following his own instincts. And his own instincts are part of his survival. And I think that is he has become the villain and the universe because he realizes that’s what he needs to do to survive. So I think I’m still going forward in that way.”

Pointing to a major plot development, Domingo hinted at a possible angle from which to approach the spinoff.

“And now he’s really being challenged by the person that’s closest to him, Alicia, played by the wonderful Alycia Debnam-Carey. And now there’s a conflict. The conflict is they’re at war with one another, a war that he does not want, but he knows it’s necessary for survival. So I think that it’s really dealing with relationships truly in an apocalyptic world and the decisions that you have to make for your own survival.”

You can’t help but admire Domingo’s enthusiasm for the role, and with so many offshoots of The Walking Dead already on the docket, Strand isn’t something that can be readily ruled out.