Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Stills Introduce Some New Characters


AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead got off to a flying start start ratings wise when it first hit our screens two years ago, and the zombie survival drama has only increased in popularity ever since. Now, as we prepare for its sure to be intense season 3 premiere in just a few weeks’ time, the network has debuted a batch of striking new behind the scenes promo stills for fans to feast on.

There are 15 black and white images in total, and while the majority don’t really tell us a whole lot about what to expect from the show’s next outing, a handful do feature some new characters and may even hint at a spoiler or two. For example, we see Strand sitting alone, implying that his self-enforced solitary confinement will continue. Also, there’s a shot of Nick and Luciana, which would seem to confirm that they’re alive and well.

Furthermore, Nick and Madison are seen together in another photo, which means they’ll find their way back to each other at some point. In addition to all that, we also get our first official glimpses of new recurring characters Jeremiah (Dayton Callie), Troy (Daniel Sherman), Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) and Lola Guerrero (Lisandra Tena).

Fear The Walking Dead has already been renewed for a fourth season, but it’ll move ahead without showrunner Dave Erickson, who’s been replaced by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. Its third season, meanwhile, will premiere on June 4th, while sister series The Walking Dead will be back for its eighth season this October.

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