Fear The Walking Dead Showrunner Wants A Dwight/Negan Reunion


Both Dwight and Negan have come a long way since we first met them in the TWD universe. By the end of The Walking Dead season 10, the former Savior leader has pretty much entirely redeemed himself, having proven to the survivors that he can be a trusted ally who’ll put his life on the line for others. Over on Fear the Walking Deadmeanwhile, Negan’s former lieutenant has joined up with Morgan’s group of do-gooders.

So, wouldn’t it be fascinating if the pair came face to face again? Fear co-showrunner Ian Goldberg certainly thinks so, and fans will likely agree. While speaking on the series’ virtual panel at New York Comic Con this weekend, Goldberg gushed about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s performance on TWD and said he’d “absolutely love” a reunion like that to happen on Fear. 

“I absolutely love the character and I think Jeffrey is phenomenal,” Goldberg said. “[Morgan’s] been such a powerhouse with so many different colors and evolutions there.”

As well as how awesome it would be for Negan to show up on Fear – making him the fourth character to hop over from TWD – Goldberg went on to talk about how Dwight’s “evolution toward the bright side” makes it “interesting” to see how he’d react if he encountered the man who once made his life a misery again.

“Dwight went through a great evolution toward the bright side in [Fear] Season 5,” Goldberg added, “so it would be interesting if his old pal Negan showed up on Fear.”

Austin Amelio joined the cast of Fear in season 5, after leaving TWD at the end of season 8, and has already adopted a much brighter outlook. That said, he’s yet to find his wife, Sherry, though we’ve been promised that his search will come to an end this year. But would he take a turn back to the dark side if he ever laid eyes on Negan again, the man who ironed his face and made Sherry part of his “harem”? And would Negan accept his punishment for his past crimes?

It’s fun to consider, but at the moment, there are no such plans for a confrontation between the pair to play out on either show. Negan is likely to remain on TWD until it ends with its eleventh season in 2022, but after that, who knows?

Fear the Walking Dead continues its sixth season Sundays on AMC.