Here’s A Small Featurette About Season 4 Of The Walking Dead


It may not show any new footage or really reveal anything we didn’t already know before, but AMC have released a small teaser featurette about The Walking Dead. Here t’is (for US viewers only I’m afraid, because of reasons?):

Wasn’t that cute? Just a few minutes back in the company of our favourite unwashed and bloodied husks, beaten down by a world that wants to kill them and struggling to survive for no real purpose at all. It’s a great show.

They point out that they’re filming the season premiere right now, with director Greg Nicotero.  There’s been more crew changes higher up as well, with Scott Gimple taking over the role of showrunner from previous incarnation Glen Mazzara. They’ve been through this before, twice, so the transition was no doubt easy and relatively painless. No doubt the showrunner now sits in an inflatable chair atop a slide, for ease of removal.

It’s also revealed that the newer characters who arrived during season 3 will make big waves with the current gang, including Tyrese, Sasha, and Beth; other completely new characters will arrive and shake things up too. Much like any other TV show really, and for that we should be thankful. And with Game of Thrones not returning till next year, we need something to fill that bloody void.

So The Walking Dead will definitely returning for another season. It’s a really good show, and this piece isn’t really asking you to do anything, or really think anything, just to remind you that The Walking Dead will return in the autumn and that you should be happy about that. It’s always there. Watching. Groaning. Baying for your blood, or the blood of yet another showrunner.

Will its hunger never cease? Please, if you have an opinion on the bloodlust, contribute below. You could save a life. Maybe two.