The Fight For The Future Begins In New Trailer For DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


Following the release of that epic new poster, The CW has now unveiled another trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. As well as some great new action shots, this preview shows Captain Cold rejecting the notion of being called a hero before the time travelling Rip Hunter makes it clear that he’s more than that in the future: he’s a legend. The Atom, meanwhile, finds a rather appropriate way to sum up his teammates a little later in the trailer, while Firestorm’s new costume looks incredible.

Of course, the biggest question going into Legends of Tomorrow is how exactly Vandal Savage is alive. In this week’s Arrow/The Flash crossover, the immortal villain was reduced to ashes, while Malcolm Merlyn was then shown collecting them and stating that Savage owes him a favour. With the Lazarus Pit now tainted, the new Ra’s al Ghul clearly has another method of resurrecting the villain, and that’s something we’ll likely see play out in Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere on The CW on January 21st, and seeing this unique group of heroes (and villains) unite to take on Savage has a lot of promise, especially if that recent crossover was any indication.

Seeing as Team Arrow and Team Flash only really managed to take him down thanks to pure luck, these “Legends” are going to have their work cut out for them.