Time Is Running Out In Final Promo For Tomorrow’s Doctor Who


This weekend’s Doctor Who is really something special, and the BBC is making sure you don’t miss it, under any circumstance.

Already, we’ve seen a whole host of promo videos to both remind us and get us excited for what’s to come tomorrow. We’ve had two separate trailers, two introductions (from writer Steven Moffat and stars Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie) and now, there’s one final swanky trailer, courtesy of the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.

As you can see above, the theme here is clearly that “time is running out” for the Doctor, with a motif of clock gears running through it (tying into the opening credits sequence). It doesn’t contain any new footage, but a few snippets of dialogue from the episode can be heard throughout.

Though they’re not seen in the clip, the Doctor is heard saying “Mondasian Cybermen” – referencing the fact that the original versions of the cyborgs will feature in the episode. Likewise, the video ends with Bill saying, “I said this was a bad idea.” Given that previous promos have hinted that she won’t make it out alive, this is a very ominous line indeed.

Visually, the video emphasizes the massive threat the Doctor’s about to face – namely, two separate incarnations of his old enemy the Master. Michelle Gomez’s Missy is ostensibly turning good at the moment, but that’s bound to change when she meets her previous self, John Simm’s bad to the bone Time Lord.

Simm’s return is a big deal, as he’s been absent from the show since 2010’s “The End of Time” (David Tennant’s final story as the Doctor). This will also be the first occasion that more than one version of the Master has appeared in the same episode. Suffice it to say, it’s going to be an absolutely explosive outing.

The penultimate instalment of Doctor Who season 10 is titled “World Enough and Time” and airs Saturday at 9PM on BBC America.

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