David Haller Returns In First Look At Legion Season 2


The mind-bending debut season of Legion ended with a classic Marvel-esque post-credits scene which left us with a giant cliffhanger: Dan Stevens’ David Haller was captured by a weird floating ball. What was happening to him and would he get back to his friends at the Summerland mutant retreat?

Well, thanks to this short first look at Legion season 2, we at least know the answer to the second part of that question. The five second trailer, taken from FX’s sizzle reel for their upcoming shows, sees David with the likes of his girlfriend Syd (Rachel Keeler), Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) and Cary (Bill Irwin). Which means he must get out of his weird prison and reunite with them at some point.

Despite escaping, though, David’s troubles are far from over. He’s still a mutant who can’t control his very dangerous powers and is being hunted down by anti-mutant government agents. “I just wanted to be normal,” he says to someone unknown. “Does any of this look normal to you?”

Fans will also remember that the season 1 finale saw Lenny AKA the Shadow King, the monstrous psychic entity that’s been living in David’s brain his whole life, swap over to Oliver Bird’s noggin instead. The duo also appear in this snippet, with Aubrey Plaza and Jermaine Clement staring at some ominous light at one point. Which suggests Lenny will be using her new puppet for some nefarious purposes.

Of course, what made Legion stand out amongst the sea of comic book shows out there is its penchant for surrealism, including a few memorable dance numbers. It looks like these will be back too in the new season, as another shot features Oliver and Lenny surrounded by what look to be some dancers against a black backdrop.

Legion season 2 will arrive on FX this April for an extended 10-episode run. Noah Hawley is remaining on board as showrunner, but exec producer Bryan Singer is no longer involved with the series.