First Look At Polaris On The Set Of X-Men TV Series The Gifted


It was just yesterday that Fox gave upcoming X-Men TV series The Gifted a full series order and as Bryan Singer continues working on the pilot episode, he’s taken to Instagram to share a brand new photo from the show’s set. After being at the helm of four X-Men movies, Singer is an undeniably great choice to introduce viewers to this world, though it’s still not clear how or if it will somehow tie into the big screen adventures of Marvel’s mutants.

Regardless, this photo shows off Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane, a character who fans of the comic books will know best as Polaris. She’s the daughter of Magneto and, like her father, she has powers of magnetism. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether or not her parentage will be referenced in any way here, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there were some hints sprinkled throughout.

While it’s not the clearest of images, it looks like Lorna is being kept inside a plastic prison not all that different to the one Magneto has often been housed in. This looks a lot cheaper in comparison, as it’s just some plastic sheeting and tubes, but we imagine that’ll change once the post-production process has been completed and all the effects have been added.

The Gifted has a lot of potential, at least on the surface, but when you take into account just how disappointing Gotham has been for Batman fans, it may be best to approach this series with caution. For now, take a look at the photo below and stay tuned for the first full trailer, which drops next week.