First Look Promo For The Flash Season 2, Episode 16 Released


Well, what an episode that was, eh? After doing an incredible job of introducing a fully CGI King Shark (it’s going to be a while before The Flash is able to top that battle scene which took place in the ocean), the show finally pulled back the curtain on Zoom by unmasking the villain.

Unfortunately, the series is now taking a hiatus until late next month, and we’re going to be left thinking about that shocking cliffhanger for weeks. Still, it’s pretty clear from the promo above that things in Central City aren’t going to be slowing down any time soon.


The CW has yet to release an official episode description for the next instalment, but we do have this brief version to go on for now:

A new speedster has everyone distracted in a new episode of The Flash, returning Tuesday March 22nd on The CW!

Who is this new speedster? That remains to be seen, but even more exciting than that will be learning more about who Zoom really is. Sure, we’ve seen him unmasked, but is he Jay Garrick? Hunter Zolomon? And what about the Man in the Iron Mask?

There are a lot of unanswered questions floating around right now, but hopefully they’ll be resolved when The Flash returns next month.

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