First Official Look At Despero In The Flash Armageddon Crossover Event Revealed

The CW’s The Flash has released its first look at Tony Curran as Despero in an upcoming Armageddon crossover event thanks to a promotional photo.

ComicBook reports that Despero deviates quite a bit from the comics, taking on a more human-looking appearance, rather than the usual pink skin and head that has a fin. So while the Armageddon storyline does center around aliens invading earth, the creatures will apparently more closely resemble those who menaced earthlings Supergirl’s first season. Take a look at the image below featuring Grant Gustin’s The Flash stand face-to-face with Despero.

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace said the still is taken from a scene in which we “really learn about Despero’s alien origins, which is what makes that scene so fascinating to me.”

“[Curran] has a big speech in that scene. No spoilers, [but] it’s a very intense moment in his relationship with the Flash. You’ll see throughout the episodes how Despero tests Flash in various ways. This is one of those moments. That’s what makes it so pivotal. I think the audience is going to learn something new about Despero that they never knew, because we do have our own take on the [DC] mythology for the character,” he told Entertainment Weekly, where the image was initially published.

However, Wallace also teased that perhaps a more true-to-comic iteration of Despero will show up at some point during the crossover, with the producer saying “your eyes can sometimes deceive you.”

We’ll just have to see how it all shakes out when the five-part Armageddon story on The Flash launches on the CW on November 16th.