First Promo For Daredevil Season 3 Confirms Matt Murdock’s Still Missing


With Iron Fist season 2 landing tomorrow, Marvel’s starting to ramp up the marketing for its next Netflix series, the much-anticipated third season of Daredevil, the show that kicked off the highly successful union of superhero studio and streaming service in the first place. So far, we just have this new motion poster seen below, but it still gives us a nugget of information about season 3.

Marvel Entertainment shared the brief promo on their Twitter account and it came with the simple caption of “? @Daredevil.” The promo takes the form of a missing person’s poster for Matt Murdock, pinned to a pole in downtown Hell’s Kitchen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us much more than that, but there are still some story clues we can extract from it.

Those who remember last August’s The Defenders will recall that Charlie Cox was previously seen as the heroic lawyer fighting alongside his fellow streetwise superheroes as they took down the Hand and their plans to excavate some dragon bones from underneath New York (er, just roll with it). The Defenders were forced to destroy the Midland Circle skyscraper, bringing down the Hand leaders with it. However, Matt didn’t escape the blast and was feared dead by his friends. The final moments, however, saw him badly injured and alive, recovering in a convent.

We weren’t sure if season 3 would jump ahead to when Matt was back in action, but apparently he’ll still be missing when Daredevil returns. This makes sense, too, as hints and name-checks in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage‘s second seasons suggested the other Defenders thought he was dead.

As comic book readers will know, this is surely leading to an adaptation of the seminal “Born Again” storyline, which likewise saw Murdock recover from a near-death experience in a convent. Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk was dedicated to destroying his enemy’s life once and for all, which is something we expect to happen in season 3 as well, as Vincent D’Onofrio’s villain’s set to get himself out of jail. What’s more, ol’ Hornhead’s other nemesis, Bullseye is also making his MCU debut in the new run, as played by Wilson Bethel.

Daredevil season 3 doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it’s definitely coming this year.