First Promo Images Of The CW’s Kid Flash Released

kid flash banner

With less than three months until the premiere of its third season and San Diego Comic-Con happening next weekend, The CW has opted to give us our first real taste of what’s to come on The Flash. Thanks to two new promo images, we now know what Keiynan Lonsdale will look like when his version of Wally West becomes the beloved hero, Kid Flash.

DC TV shows have done a pretty good job thus far when it comes to developing supporting characters and not always immediately slapping a costume on them. After all, Roy Harper debuted late in the first season of Arrow and didn’t don his Arsenal costume until Season 3. Much like the matter we are discussing today, the first reveal of him in costume came during the summer hiatus.


Wally West first showed up around the mid-season mark during The Flash’s second season and has seen quite a bit of growth, in addition to bonding with the family he previously never knew he had, along with the crew at STAR Labs. Of course, we all knew he would eventually become Kid Flash, but I believe the slow burn approach made for an ultimately more rewarding experience for viewers.

As we can see, this really is the classic Kid Flash look and color scheme: the yellow top and cowl, complete with exposed hair, have been retained, along with red pants. If you observe further, you can see he also has his own unique insignia that is colored differently from Barry Allen’s and the lightning bolt itself has somewhat of a different shape. The color scheme is admittedly a bit close to that of the Reverse Flash, so I’m glad the costuming department took great care to make the characters aesthetically different.

Let it be noted that this image is supposedly from the season premiere, titled “Flashpoint.” As such, we must consider the possibility that we may only be getting a sampling of Kid Flash in an alternate timeline, with his true ascension coming later in the season.

The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 4 on The CW.


Source: Comic Book