First Round Of Luke Cage Season 2 Set Photos Are All About Claire And The Hero For Hire


Though many feared the death of Claire Temple would be the event that galvanized Marvel’s Defenders, it seems Rosario Dawson’s MCU mainstay will be alive and well by the time Luke Cage season 2 rolls around in 2018.

Filming on the Marvel solo series is now underway on the streets of New York City as planned, and MCU Exchange has relayed the first batch of set photos which is, unsurprisingly, all about Claire and Mike Colter’s musclebound Hero for Hire.

But wait, there’s more! Kill Bill actress and all-around industry veteran Lucy Liu has been spotted in Harlem (h/t Harlem Coffee Co.), fuelling rumors that the Elementary star holds a cameo role in the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage. Truth be told, it’s more likely that Liu directed one of the show’s 13 episodes, given her previous credits include an episode of Graceland and multiple installments of the aforementioned Elementary. That means she has a fair amount of experience in the realm of serialized crime drama, and though it’s far too soon for Marvel to announce anything official regarding each episode of Luke Cage season 2, we’re intrigued to see Lucy Liu’s episode in motion.

Here’s a collection of those set photos, while you’ll be able to locate the full set over on MCU Exchange. Granted, they’re just various shots of Power Man puckering up for a smooch from different angles, but they’re still worth a look.

Filming on Luke Cage season 2 is well underway ahead of its expected arrival in 2018 – ditto for Marvel’s Jessica Jones – though Netflix subscribers can look forward to both Mike Colter and Rosario Dawson returning to the fray in time for The Defenders. Look for that one to premiere on August 18th.

Source: MCU Exchange

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