Five Episodes Of Young Justice: Outsiders Have Been Recorded

When Young Justice was lamentably cancelled after two seasons – on a cliffhanger that introduced Darkseid to the series, no less – many of us were rightfully up in arms. So, you can imagine the collective joy felt by the DC fan base upon hearing that the show had been resurrected for a third season, no doubt due to years of demand and maybe some healthy DVD sales.

Dubbed Young Justice: Outsiders, the next leg of the journey is set to join the live action Titans series as being those to lead the way for DC’s new digital streaming initiative slated to arrive in 2018. As of now, it’s unknown what awaits Nightwing, Aqualad, Miss Martian and the rest of the gang, but it’s probably safe to assume that the forces of Apokolips will likely play a key role.

Actually, one man whom would know all about that is one of today’s most prolific voice actors in Nolan North, who voices both Superboy and Superman on the animated series. And while he’s not sure if he’s at liberty to divulge such information, he let slip at AwesomeCon that five episodes have already been recorded.

Here, take a look at this footage from his panel that comes courtesy of Young Justice Wiki on Twitter:

Seeing as how animation voiceovers are often recorded a year ahead of release, it sounds like the team is keeping a good pace when it comes to reaching whatever target date they’re aiming for. Right now, it remains unclear as to how many episodes will comprise the third season of Young Justice, but we’re crossing our fingers for at least 13.