The Flash Casts Sugar Lyn Beard As Hazard


To date, The Flash has utilized no shortage of villains culled from the comic books, which is quite understandable when you take the Scarlet Speedster’s impressive rogues gallery into account. While we’ve seen more well known knaves such as Captain Cold, Mirror Master and the Reverse-Flash give the S.T.A.R. Labs crew headaches, there have also been more obscure baddies featured like Girder and Magenta. And, as you could probably gather from the headline, the latest addition to the enduring television saga falls in with the latter.

As it so happens, Sugar Lyn Beard (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) has been cast in the role of Hazard/Rebecca Sharpe, who is described as being “perpetually down-on her luck and is convinced her life is cursed — until a freak accident changes everything. With the universe on her side, she poses a threat to both Team Flash and Central City.”

From the sound of it, this version of Hazard should be rather close to her comic book counterpart. Basically, she was a member of the Injustice Society who had psionic abilities and could manipulate probability with a literal roll of the dice. In other words, the deck is stacked in her favor.

Admittedly, she sounds vaguely like Marvel’s Domino, but it should be known that the DC character predates said mutant by several years. Still, the two look nothing alike, so we very much doubt there’ll be too many comparisons drawn by the casual viewer. Plus, Ms. Beard has been booked for only the third episode of season 4 thus far, so she may very well be what Smallville fans would call the “freak of the week” as opposed to a recurring character.

The Flash returns for its fourth season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.