The Flash Fans Aren’t Very Happy About [SPOILERS] Death

The Flash

Danny Trejo returned as Breacher in last night’s episode of The Flash season 6, “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach.” He previously appeared a couple of times in season 4 along with his on-screen daughter Cynthia AKA Gypsy (Jessica Camancho), so we were hoping for an update on what Gypsy’s up to these days after she and Cisco broke up. Unfortunately, though, the news came as a big blow as when Breacher returned, he told Cisco that Cynthia had died. And the fans are not pleased.

The Flash lovers poured onto social media last night to express their anguish over not just Gypsy’s death in the first place but the way it happened off-screen, with the dimension-hopping heroine killed by mysterious hacker Echo. To say that fans aren’t coping well with this revelation would be an understatement.

Couldn’t we have even got a cameo at least?

For some, this is part of a worrying trend of the show’s to either sideline or kill off non-Caucasian side characters.

Others have such a bad taste from the way her death was handled that they’re labelling it as disgusting.

Ok, so Echo was eventually revealed to be an evil doppelganger of Cisco. Cool twist? Sure, but at least one fan thought that killing Cynthia was just an unnecessary example of “fridging” in order to propel Cisco’s storyline.

Maybe we can just pretend that this never happened and that Gypsy’s still alive somewhere out there in the multiverse?

Well, actually, she kinda is. The real reason Camancho didn’t return is because she’s hopped over to another DC show, HBO’s Watchmen, in the role of Pirate Jenny. So any Flash fans wanting to see more of the actress should give that a go.

The Flash season 6 continues next Tuesday on The CW. Let’s hope there’s no controversial deaths in the following episode.