The Flash Producer Sheds Some Light On That Big Savitar Reveal


Last Tuesday’s episode of The Flash revealed that a future version of Barry Allen resides within Savitar’s metal suit, and with just three instalments left in the season, the war between the Fastest Man Alive and self-proclaimed Speed God looks set to be taken to another level.

However, amidst all the action and chaos, it sounds like we should expect some very personal moments as well. After all, while it may be an evil version of the Scarlet Speedster that we and the show’s characters all know and love, it’s still Barry Allen, and he’ll be coming face to face with some old friends soon enough according to The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.

“What’s interesting about people’s reactions — we certainly wrote it, but just the way the cast performs it — is it’s one thing to have seen that giant metal suit and hear that there is a version of Barry inside of it. It’s quite another thing when you actually come face-to-face with what’s inside. Those scenes that are coming up over the next few episodes, as everyone gets a real glimpse of this person, it’s this mixture of both horror and sadness.

“His visage is obviously very upsetting — seeing the scar and the milky white eye, but also seeing the person that you love be so twisted. Barry Allen, who probably has the gentlest soul of all of the characters in the Arrowverse, to just see how far he could fall, he’s both terrifying, but it’s also heartbreaking. Watching Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, watching all of their reactions and interactions with Savitar when he’s out of the suit, it feels so fresh and exciting for us.”

Time travel is a confusing thing, but based on the trailer above, it sounds like Savitar wants to murder Iris West so he can be created. It’s basically one big loop, but Barry has to go through this tragedy to become the Speed God, hence why her death must take place. Still, with Savitar set to come face to face with Iris before her apparent demise, we’ve got one very interesting interaction to look forward to.

How this story arc will ultimately wrap up remains to be seen, but fans are hoping that the show will come up with something a little more interesting than the villain just being trapped in the Speed Force. One way or another, we’ll surely get some more answers tonight, when The Flash returns to The CW with a brand new episode.