The Flash Rocks Some Awesome Armor In Unused Season 3 Concept Art


With The Flash now going into its sixth season, I’m sure some viewers may be wondering if the Scarlet Speedster will don a new costume once the saga resumes this fall. In most cases, he’s made an aesthetic change at the beginning of each broadcast year, so why stop now?

Personally, I count myself among those who fondly recall season 1’s threads. Yes, I know the red circle adorning Barry Allen’s chest was a deviation from the classic look, but I just found it to be visually appealing. Actually, that suit carried over into seasons 2 and 3, though the emblem was changed to the more familiar white.

I imagine that it was around the halfway point in season 3 when the creative minds behind the series begun contemplating a different look for the titular hero. And while the all-new duds weren’t hyped until season 4, they technically debuted when Barry met his future self during a trip to 2024. Thanks to concept artist Andy Poon, we’re able to share some artwork showing off what could’ve been right below.

As you can see, there was more of an armored feel the Powers That Be ultimately passed up. It’s definitely cool, but maybe they just decided to leave such attire to Ezra Miller’s Injustice-inspired Flash in the DC Extended Universe.

Come to think of it, Poon and his colleagues may want to revisit this if and when the Red Death comes to their version of Central City. The evil Batman-Flash hybrid has already been hinted at on the series itself, thereby causing fans to imagine what he’ll look like in his small screen debut.

The Flash returns for its sixth season on Tuesday, October 8th on The CW.

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