The Flash Season 3 Behind The Scenes Photos Feature A Returning Eddie Thawne

We recently learned that Rick Cosnett is returning to The Flash in season 3, and while details on what exactly he’ll be getting up to are unknown, the actor is already shooting his scenes – as evidenced by the images below. As you can see, they don’t reveal much at all, but it appears as if we can expect to see Eddie interacting with a lot of familiar faces.

Killed off in the season 1 finale when he shot himself in order to wipe the Reverse-Flash (his descendant) from history, it’s possible that the villain’s resurrection due to the events of Flashpoint have somehow led to Eddie’s return. Then again, this may just be a flashback or more time travel shenanigans. Time will tell.


A real fan-favourite character, Eddie hasn’t been too far from the minds of fans of The Flash over the past couple of years. As you probably know, there were a lot of theories that he might be Zoom, while speculation has already been running rampant that he might somehow be connected to Savitar, too.

One thing that’s interesting to note here is that The Flash‘s costume is missing its logo. Could it be that it’s been removed to avoid revealing when Cosnett’s scenes take place? It’s possible, and if so, chances are these will indeed be flashbacks to happier times in season 1.

Tell us, do you have any theories about this upcoming episode of The Flash? Sound off down below if you do!