The Flash Is Reborn In New Season 4 Premiere Photos


The Flash will soon be back on our screens for its highly-anticipated fourth season. Ever since Barry was sucked up into the Speed Force at the end of season 3, fans have been eagerly waiting to see just how the Scarlet Speedster would escape and return to Central City. With only three weeks to go, we now have our best look yet at how things will play out with this new batch of photos from the season premiere, titled “The Flash Reborn.”

As we’d previously found out, the episode will focus on Barry’s friends and family, as we see how they’ve been attempting to live their lives and protect Central City without the Flash’s help. As such, most of these photos check in on Cisco, Joe, Iris and Caitlin.

In particular, the pics likely reveal how Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost/Caitlin Frost/Killer Snow will rejoin Team Flash, after merging her two warring personalities last season. It looks like Cisco will track her down to a bar she’s working at – bit of a comedown for a highly-skilled scientist! – and coax her into returning to STAR Labs.

The premiere’s villain of the week is also featured – the robotic warrior known as Samuroid in the comics. Though Joe and the rest of the CCPD attempt to stop him, it seems like Kid Flash and Vibe will have to step in to take care of the meta.

Finally, we get to see Barry in one of the pics, having managed to return home. Much like the previously released snap from the premiere, he’s sporting a beard, suggesting it’s been some time that he’s spent in the Speed Force. Also take note of the weird alien-looking graffiti on the office walls, which Barry has presumably written in his disoriented state. Though he’s back in the real world now, it looks like it’ll take him a bit of time to get back into business as the titular hero.

The Flash sprints onto The CW on Tuesday, October 10th.