The Flash Season 5 Will Feature Yet Another Iteration Of Harrison Wells


With each passing year, it seems like we’ve come to expect for Tom Cavanagh to give yet another take on Harrison Wells. After his initial attempt – the Reverse-Flash –  met its (first) demise all the way back in season 1’s finale, the show’s sophomore year saw the actor stick around as Earth-2’s Harry Wells. Then, Earth-19’s H.R. Wells graced TV screens in season 3, before Harry came back for the latest run following the death of his replacement.

If you’ve been keeping up on The Flash, then you’re well aware of how Harry’s intellect began deteriorating due to over-usage of his replica Thinking Cap. Thankfully, though, Marlize DeVoe was able to somewhat reverse the effects in last night’s finale, thus restoring his mental faculties but with one notable difference: Harry is no longer a genius.

After saying his goodbyes to the STAR Labs crew, our old friend split for Earth-2 in order to reunite with his daughter, Jesse Quick. Truthfully, I was half-expecting to read articles online saying Cavanagh exited the series as a whole soon afterward, but that ended up not being the case.

What we can expect to see, however, is for yet another iteration of Wells to show up in season 5, as executive producer Todd Helbing offered the following to

“At the end of the year, and this year is no different, we get to this question. This year, I was up there for the finale, and I sat down with Tom and we started sort of spitballing some possible new Wellses. The two of us came up with some good options, but I think we landed on one in particular that serves the story in season five really well and also gives Tom something new and fun to play.”

How this situation will pan out is anybody’s guess, but all I ask is that the next guy to come through the door is nowhere near as goofy as any of those who comprised the Council of Wells. To be frank, I thought that was quite possibly the campiest thing the show had ever done and season 5 need not be reduced to an all-out farce.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW. For more on what the future may hold, be sure to read up on next year’s possible main villain.