The Flash Season 5 Finale Reveals That [SPOILERS] Is Leaving The Show

The Flash Season 4

The Flash season 5 finale, “Legacy,” was a game-changing episode as it saw Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora erased from reality, the Reverse-Flash escaping his bonds in the future to play havoc with the timeline once again and, last but not least, a big teaser for the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” crossover to come this fall. It also revealed that one fan favorite member of the cast won’t be returning for season 6.

We’re referring to Carlos Valdes’ Cisco Ramon. When Thawne escapes, he has one last confrontation with the STAR Labs gang. During this, he taunts Cisco about how the only thing special about him is his powers. This leads the team’s resident genius to realize that he doesn’t need his powers and he elects to take the metahuman cure. When we last see him, a happy, powerless Cisco is enjoying a carefree stroll down the street with his girlfriend.

We Got This Covered first reported back in February that Valdes was looking to move on from The Flash after being part of the show since its first season in 2014. We also wrote at the time that his exit wouldn’t be something permanent like a death but would allow him to be written out of the series without ruling out a possible return later down the line. Cisco’s farewell definitely fits with that, so let’s hope we see him again for a guest spot in season 6.

Alternatively, he could turn up in “Crisis.” He might not have powers anymore, but his great brain would still be an asset to the Arrowverse heroes. Or maybe, as the crossover will see the whole multiverse hanging in the balance, one of Cisco’s doppelgangers from another Earth, one who still has his vibrational powers, could lend a hand.

We’ll have to see how things play out when The Flash returns later this year on The CW, but one thing we do know is that fans are bound to miss having Cisco around every week.