First Two Episode Titles Of The Flash Season 5 Give Us Some Clues


The Flash returns to The CW this fall for its fifth season. With the trailer for the new run coming this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, we’re gearing up to find out some fresh details about what’s next for the Scarlet Speedster. But before that, however, we now have the titles of the first two episodes of season 5 which tease how things will kick off.

Episode 1 is titled “Nora,” and there’s no mystery about what this refers to. Season 4’s finale ended with the reveal that Jessica Parker-Kennedy’s enigmatic speedster who’d been popping up all season was actually Nora, the superpowered daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West who had travelled back from the future to meet her parents. Clearly, the season premiere will deal with the fallout of this event, as the pair come to terms with this new addition to their lives.

As for the second episode, that’ll be titled “Blocked.” While that might not be so easy to decode, has come up with a very convincing theory. Seeing as Nora’s partially based off Jenni Ognats, a descendant of the Flash and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the comics, it’s possible that the title might refer to Blok, a Legion supervillain who may’ve come back from the future with Nora.

Speaking of Nora, it was also revealed in the finale that her time travelling had resulted in some unforeseen circumstances. It’s thought that the speedster’s meddling with the timeline may have let a new threat wreak havoc on Central City – Cicada, the immortal cult leader who’ll be the big bad of season 5. If he’s anything like the comics, his evil plan involves picking off all the people that Barry’s saved.

Be sure to catch The Flash season 5 when it sprints back onto our screens on October 9th, and stay tuned for the first trailer, as it’s set to drop later tonight.