The Flash Season 5 Leak May Reveal The New Villain And Major Twists


A thorough new leak claims to reveal a ream of major spoilers for the upcoming fifth season of The FlashAs the source is the notoriously unreliable 4Chan, we’re not sure if we can believe it, but a lot of the info shared here does sound plausible and we wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of it was on the money.

With that in mind, you might want to look away now to avoid some big surprises for the season ahead. Otherwise, check out the full leak below, but again, be warned that it’s packed with spoilers.

  • Cicada is the first meta-human, an immortal cult leader with healing abilities who can also neutralize other metas’ powers and control peoples’ minds. He is determined to purge the world of metas and turns Central City against the Flash.

  • Cicada targets people that were touched by the Flash, leading to the return of characters like Jay Garrick, Linda Park, Tina McGee, General Wade Eiling, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Top and Grodd.

  • Nora is called “Rewind” and comes from a future where Barry’s disappearance in the Crisis led to war between humans and metas, which she hopes to prevent. She is chased by a time-travelling bounty hunter known as “Pursuit”, who turns out to be her estranged brother and Barry’s son.

  • Iris befriends Sue, a “quirky vlogger” who wants her help in a project, and intensively dislikes Ralph at first.

  • Cisco develops a relationship with Joe’s new partner Valerie, a “fiery latina with a scientific background”.

  • Caitlin reunites with her long-lost father Thomas, a scientist connected to Cicada, and finds out she has a meta-human brother, Charlie, who becomes Icicle.

  • The new Wells is a “gruff military operator”.

  • New villains include Doctor Destiny, Blockbuster, Brainwave, Copperhead, Damage, Djinn, Ragdoll and Shadow Thief, among others.

  • Eobard Thawne will return for a multi-episode story arc centered on Barry’s children in the second half of the season, played by both Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher.

  • Mark Pellegrino from “Supernatural” has apparently been approached for Cicada.

What’s interesting is that this leak supports a previously released character breakdown that suggested the big bad of The Flash season 5 will be Cicada. Similar to the comics, it seems the show’s version of the character is a creepy cult leader. However, the leak claims that Cicada will also be portrayed as the first ever metahuman. What’s more, Mark Pellegrino – most well known for playing Lucifer on Supernatural – has been approached to play the part.

Meanwhile, when Jessica Parker Kennedy’s character was revealed to be Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora in the season 4 finale, fans were wondering if the couple would have a son like in the comics. Apparently, this is also on the cards, though Nora’s brother will have gone all Kylo Ren and moved to the dark side as the supervillain Pursuit.

Flash Finale

Following on from the recent revelation that Caitlin has always been Killer Frost, it seems the Snow family will be explored some more in season 5, too. In particular, her father and brother will be introduced. Caitlin’s sibling Charlie will apparently be the Arrowverse’s version of Icicle, the DC comics villain.

Again, there’s no telling how much of this leak will pan out to be true, but even if half of it is right, it sounds like The Flash season 5 could be packed with tons of fan-pleasing moments, which should make it another very memorable outing for the hit CW show.