The Flash Season 5 Premiere Had A Justice League Easter Egg No One Caught


There was a sequence in Tuesday’s season 5 premiere of The Flash that focused on a sweet bonding moment between Barry Allen and his newly-discovered daughter from the future, Nora Allen AKA XS. The pair of speedsters both agree that the best ice cream they’ve ever tasted was from Happy Harbor – Barry went there with his parents as a kid while Nora tells him that he also took (will take?) her there when she was younger.

But that’s not it for the importance of this scene. Those DC aficionados amongst you may note the use of Happy Harbor, which is not just any ordinary coastal town. Rather, it’s the location of Mount Justice, where the Justice League had their first base of operations in the comics. For those who know their cartoons, you might also be familiar with it as the HQ of Robin’s band of former sidekicks in Young Justice

This is the first time Happy Harbor’s been mentioned in the Arrowverse and sure, it could just be yet another fun easter egg for fans to spot and nothing more. But, the timing of it’s got us thinking. Later this year, the Arrowverse crossover will kick off and introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman into the equation. Titled “Elseworlds,” the event will also feature Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman meeting the likes of Green Arrow and the Scarlet Speedster.

Seeing as so many major heroes will be brought together, we have to wonder whether we might be about to finally get an Arrowverse version of the Justice League. Obviously, the assembled heroes have teamed up before, but they’ve never given themselves a name. Now, we’re seven years into this shared universe and it’s kind of about time they did, don’t you think? And, of course, with a name, they must also have a headquarters, so perhaps The Flash will suggest the town that makes his favorite ice cream?

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