The Flash Showrunner’s Hoping For A Grant Gustin/Ezra Miller Reunion

The Flash

One of the best surprises of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was Ezra Miller’s cameo in episode 4 of the mega crossover event, bringing the DCEU’s Scarlet Speedster together with The CW’s Grant Gustin for the first time. This was a monumental moment for the overall world-building of the DC multiverse, and it’ll be followed up with 2022’s The Flash, which will likewise explore the various universes. But could Miller and Gustin cross paths again?

Showrunner Eric Wallace sure hopes so. While speaking with Discussing Film recently, Wallace made clear that he would love for the two versions of the hero to team up once again however that can happen, be it on his show or in the movies. He explained that he would absolutely have Miller back for a whole episode if possible, or else he would let Gustin have some time off to go shoot a cameo in the upcoming film.

“I would love to see Grant appear somewhere in their version of the film. Say I said, “You know what? I’ll give you a couple of weeks off easy now.” I don’t know if they’ll do that, but I’m putting it out there. Because I know Grant would be excited. I think he would have some fun. I also told Ezra, with open arms, we would welcome him back. I would love to have him back for longer, for a full episode of The Flash, if we can somehow make it happen. Schedules are so tough. He’s a very busy man. He has not just The Flash franchise, but other franchises too. So I don’t know how possible it is, but I do know it’s not impossible because we proved it in Crisis when we saw the two Flashes together. So I’m going to be hopeful and I’m going to put that energy out there. Hopefully someday sooner, rather than later, we will see those two Flashes of Ezra and Grant together and for anybody reading this article, I am happy to help accommodate in any way possible.”

The topic of the Miller/Gustin meeting came up a lot at Warner Bros.’ DC FanDome event. In one interesting moment, DC chief Jim Lee confirmed that Miller’s Barry Allen will be inspired to use the Flash as his superhero name from now on after getting the idea from Gustin’s version. This shows just how much impact his “Crisis” cameo has on his ongoing storyline in the DCEU. Likewise, Gustin featured in a DC multiverse montage as part of The Flash panel. But does all this hint that a reunion is on the cards? Let’s hope so.

The Flash movie has been long delayed, but it’s set to shoot early next year ahead of its release in summer 2022. As for the TV series, that will enter production again later in 2020 before its next season kicks off on The CW in January 2021.