The Flash Showrunner Addresses Whether Mark Hamill Could Return As The Trickster


One of the best treats of The Flash‘s debut season was the return of the legend that is Mark Hamill as the Trickster, the same character he played twenty years before in the 1990s Flash TV show. The role offered a chance for the actor to basically do his Joker in live-action and he followed it up by making cameos in the second and third seasons.

Unfortunately, because he’s such a busy guy, he didn’t make it into last year’s season 4, but does that mean that we’ve seen the last of the Trickster on The CW show, or is there a chance that Hamill could reprise the role again in the future? TV Line put the question to showrunner Todd Helllbing and he admitted that the team “always” wants to get him back, but he’s tied up working on history drama Knightfall – which is, ironically enough, helmed by Hellbing’s brother Aaron.

“We always want to get Mark Hamill back, but my brother [Aaron Helbing] stole him for [History’]s Knightfall. We’ll see what happens. We may to have to arm wrestle for him!”

In order to get around the absence of Hamill, season 4 brought back another familiar face from 90s Flash – Corinne Bohrer, reprising her role as Prank, the Harley Quinn to the Trickster’s Joker, alongside her son Axel Walker (Devon Graye), the second Trickster. That was a fun episode, to be sure, but it’d be awesome if the full Trickster family could be reunited in season 5.

Not that this next run will be lacking in the villain department, mind you. The new big bad’s being teased as a chilling fresh threat to Central City, as American Pie‘s Chris Klein’s playing Cicada, someone with a grudge against metahumans who has the power to remove other meta’s abilities. As such, it looks like the Scarlet Speedster will have to find a way to defeat him without his speed.

Be sure to catch The Flash season 5 on The CW, beginning Tuesday, October 9th.

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