The Flash Showrunner Reveals New Details About Nora’s Life


Most of the promotional material surrounding The Flash season 5 has focused on Nora West-Allen in the form of her superhero alter ego XS, but what’s the daily life of Barry and Iris’ time-traveling daughter from the future going to be like? After all, as much as fans love the comic book action, what keeps us coming back to the show for more is the character-driven comedy and drama that happens outside of the colorful costumes.

While speaking to TVLine, The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing revealed a few details about Nora’s new life in 2018. Specifically, where will she be living now that she’s returned to the past (er, our present, her past). Helbing teased that Nora will jump around the homes of Team Flash for various reasons that the show will get into, saying:

“She kind of hops around. It’s fun. There are reasons why she stays where she stays that we sort of explore.”

Having Nora crash with a few different members of the STAR Labs gang should be fun to see, and it’ll also bring home (literally) the fact that Nora doesn’t have a real place among the group. She’s out of time and her existence comes as a huge shock to everyone, so the team’s likely going to feel awkward and strange around her for a while. It should be intriguing to find out why Nora doesn’t just stay with her parents, though.

It’s possible that it’s because of her standoffish attitude with Iris. Despite being a total daddy’s girl, Candice Patton’s revealed that the West-Allen’s daughter won’t be so friendly and loving with her mother, something that’ll hurt Iris and lead her to try and get to the bottom of the mystery, presumably uncovering something that happened between them in the future. Jessica Parker Kennedy has promised we won’t have to wait long for answers on this, either, as Nora’s secret will be revealed in the first few episodes of the new run.

Be sure to catch The Flash season 5 when it premieres on The CW next month, on Tuesday, October 9th.

Source: TV Line