The Flash EP Teases What’s Next For Mirror Mistress In Season 7

The Flash

The Flash wrapped up its sixth season last night with episode 19, “Success is Assured.” As we all know, this wasn’t supposed to be the finale but it became it once the pandemic shut down production. It was actually a surprisingly effective way to end the run, too, and the fact that it left the season’s big bad at large means that we’re promised more of Eva McCulloch AKA Mirror Mistress in season 7.

Typically, Team Flash manages to defeat their foe in the finale, but here Eva was successful in her mission to kill her jerk of a husband and take back her company – Iris is even still trapped in the Mirrorverse. When we last see her, then, Eva’s achieved everything she’s worked towards, but it looks like she’s not going to be able to stop there now that she’s taken a step over to the dark side. At least, that’s what showrunner Eric Wallace has hinted at in a new chat with TV Line.

First of all, Wallace teased that we can tell she’s not exactly well by her “behavior” in her final scene – her itching habit, which she developed in the Mirrorverse.

“Look at her behavior at the press conference,” Wallace said. “There’s a huge clue there — a huge one — that all is not well with Eva.”

What this means is that Eva’s got bigger plans on her mind now… Plans that may involve the entire world. Wallace continued:

“Sometimes getting what you think you want only makes things worse, and that’s exactly what’s about to happen to Eva. And that will be the end of her story. When you’ve been obsessed with one thing for six years and you get it, what happens to you? Also, who did you become? Eva wants more than just killing her husband; she’s out to save the world. So, we’ll see how that ends up!”

Clearly, there’s more of Eva’s arc to come – at least two more episodes’ worth, as she presumably would’ve been defeated in episode 22, the original finale. Now this storyline will kick The Flash season 7 off in a high-stakes manner. Whenever it eventually gets here, that is.

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