The Flash Star Reveals That Season 5 Has Started Filming


The Flash wrapped up its fourth season just a couple of months ago, but the cast of The CW’s hit DC TV series is already going back before the cameras for season 5. We know this because Danielle Panabaker – who plays STAR Labs doctor Caitlin Snow and her metahuman alter ego Killer Frost – posted a beautiful shot of Vancouver on Twitter, teasing that she’d returned to the city to begin work on the latest season. The actress captioned her photo with a simple: “We’re back.”

As fans will know, season 4 left us with numerous plot threads dangling to be dealt with in season 5. The big one is that Barry and Iris have encountered Nora Allen, their speedster daughter from the future. After a few brief appearances throughout the season, she finally revealed herself to her parents, but admitted that she’d made a grave mistake in traveling back to the past. Like father, like daughter!

As for Caitlin herself, the penultimate episode unveiled the surprising fact that she’s actually possessed her icy powers since childhood, even if she’d repressed all memory of them. This could have big repercussions going forward, as it means that she wasn’t affected by the particle accelerator explosion like the other metahumans of Central City. We imagine that Caitlin’s secret origins will explored further in season 5.

What’s more, a possessed Cecille in the finale gave a mysterious psychic prediction which could hint at what’s next for Caitlin on the show. “I found Thomas, he’s been this way all the time,” she said. The prevailing theory is that she’s referring to Thomas Snow, Caitlin’s father who may not be as dead as she thinks.

Could we see a family reunion when The Flash returns for season 5? All will be revealed when the Scarlet Speedster races onto our screens later this year, on October 9th.