The Flash Teases The Red Death As Its Next Major Villain

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If you’re a longtime fan of the Arrowverse, then you know of how the series comprising it have teased future big bads in seasons before they’re introduced. Actually, it’s Arrow that exercises this practice more often than not, but I’ll never forget how The Flash name-dropped Clifford DeVoe months before we met him as the formidable Thinker.

Similarly, last night’s episode, “Memorabilia,” may have revealed the next major threat to come, presumably to be introduced in a prospective sixth season. While Barry and Iris were venturing through Nora’s memories and exploring the Flash museum that’ll one day be, they entered a wing devoted to the Scarlet Speedster’s rogues gallery.

It was during this segment when they came upon Cicada’s assigned exhibit, which according to a video recording made by Captain Singh, affirmed that the slayer of Metahumans had never been apprehended. Furthermore, he was said to have amassed a body count higher than even Zoom or the Red Death.

Having been introduced to Zoom a few years back, it’s the Red Death reference that really got my attention. If you don’t know who he is, that deadly foe’s actually a bizarre Flash-Batman hybrid hailing from the Dark Multiverse. Having first appeared during the Dark Nights: Metal comic book event, I’d say he was one of the more memorable of the villains to have been included.

The way I see it, if indeed the Red Death surfaces during season 6, I’m guessing liberties will be taken in adapting him. Odds are WB’s motion picture division is holding onto Batman tightly, no matter how many references to him are made on The Flash.

In the meantime, be sure to keep tuning in on Tuesday nights on The CW in order to see how the story unfolds.