Check Out Grant Gustin’s Full Costume For The Flash


Production on The CW’s upcoming Flash series has begun, with the pilot filming in Vancouver this month. We got our first look at Glee alum Grant Gustin in costume as the scarlet speedster (well, from the neck up, that is) at the end of February, and now have our much anticipated look at the full outfit, which you can check out below.

The first thing worth noting is that this is a terrible angle and pose. I get what they’re going for here, but Gustin just looks incredibly awkward and a bit uncomfortable. The suithowever, looks great. The costume was designed by three time Oscar-winner Colleen Atwood (ChicagoMemoirs of a GeishaAlice in Wonderlandwho also designed Oliver Queen’s costume on Arrow. While Arrow has been a bit shy about its superhero roots, and the costume has a very gritty, Dark Knight-like feel, this get-up for The Flash is decidedly, well, super.

It’s clear from this costume design that they are holding nothing back when it comes to bringing The Fastest Man Alive to the small screen, giving the suit a very loyal translation from the comic to the screen. The Flash symbol is there on the chest, and there seem to be yellow texture on the boots. Hell, even the lightning bolt ears are there! I’m sure some will complain that the red is a bit darker than we’re used to, but just take a look at the 1990’s Flash series and tell me if you think that holds up in light of how many liberties Hollywood usually takes with superhero costumes.

Now we’re just left wondering how they’ll portray his super-speed on a television budget. Will they add a “whoosh” sound and blur the background around the actor like they did with Clark Kent on Smallville for ten years? Or have we finally moved past that? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the show arrives in the fall (assuming the pilot gets picked up for a series, that is).

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Source: The CW