The Flash’s Captain Singh Was Apparently A Criminal In Arrow Season 1


When Arrow first premiered back in 2012, I imagined that we’d eventually see cameos from other DC heroes and villains down the road, but I never envisioned that something as expansive as the aptly named Arrowverse would spawn from it. After all, season 1 originally aired with the notion that nobody with superpowers existed in the same world as this iteration of Oliver Queen – and that didn’t last for too long, now did it?

So, before Patrick Sabongui landed a nice recurring role as Captain Singh at Central City PD over on The Flash, he probably didn’t mind taking whatever small gigs came his way. Funny enough, one of those odds jobs marked his true introduction to the Arrowverse, but most of us probably won’t remember the details.

As it turns out, Sabongui played a bit part during Arrow‘s freshman year as a common criminal, which was noticed by Reddit user “Furore910.” Actually, you can see a screenshot below, though it looks like this guy was dispatched so quickly that the opening credits didn’t even have time to finish rolling.

Right now, some of you may be wondering if Singh was moonlighting as a crook in Star (then Starling) City, or if he’s since found his way to the righteous path. Of course, the answer is neither because, like I said earlier, these were two separate jobs Sabongui signed up for in his career.

Truth be told, it’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to play completely different roles on the same series, especially if one was rather minute. But hey, at least this isn’t Two and a Half Men, where various actresses actually played several different prominent characters – as if we wouldn’t notice.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.